Getting people fired up to live bigger, bolder, and happier fires me up!

My speaking style incorporates fun, learning, and practical action items for participants to apply immediately in their own lives and work. My material comes from my life experiments — both the successes and fails — and connects me to the audience to see their own power to take action to live healthier, bolder, and genuinely happier lives!

Available in Chattanooga, TN or for travel.

Everyday Leader Keynote

Through my powerful life experiments and unique journey I weave everyday leadership, authenticity, diversity and inclusion, and compassion tastefully together into 30 minutes of 'ah-ha' insight and leave the audience with practical actionables to apply, inspiration to think differently, and the guts to go for it!

Keynote Format:

  1. I share two powerful personal experiments that help people see the bigger "everyday leader" picture and how to apply it immediately in their own lives.

  2. Being an authentic everyday leader. I tell my personal story of being straight and married and then getting the guts to live authentic in my new story of being gay and married. This tasteful yet thought provoking segment helps people see a new perspective as it relates to diversity and inclusion, up-levels compassion, and helps people see that being authentic is for everyone.

  3. Three everyday leader myths is the wrap up. I talk about these very common myths, debunk them, and give practical and easy actionables to practice immediately. 

When you go through life being your genuine authentic you you're being the ultimate everyday leader because you are lighting a path for people, who don’t yet have the guts to do it for themselves, to get the guts. 

This keynote is perfect for businesses that want to: 

  • Up-level employee morale and compassion

  • Help employees see their personal power to lead from their current seat and the positive impact it has

  • Start or strengthen their diversity and inclusion programs and discussions

Let’s work together to customize this keynote to fit your needs.

“I was geared up from your talk and determined to get healthier and then a couple days later my blood pressure was very high so I went to the doctor and several of my labs were abnormal (I am someone who is not taking any medications at all at this point and I am 56 years old.)

I loved your presentation because it just made everything come in to focus for me. I now walk with friends in the afternoon and have cut back on portions. I have lost 7 lbs since I saw you here at HealthSouth. I appreciate you very much Kelly.”
— Sarah Walker, HealthSouth