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Own It!

Own It!

~~~ Class is forming now. Anticipated start date is late February.

Are you owning it in your business and life or are they owning you? 

I bet people admire you for having it all together because isn’t that what we always want people to see? The put together outside? Even though we may feel anything but on the inside.

You’re probably the person who is always saying yes to opportunities and making sure your clients, friends, and loved ones can count on you to go the extra mile. Over-committing is normal, right?

You might be saying “So? What’s wrong with that? That’s what being a successful business owner is all about.”

Yeah. I used to think that too. I also used to…

  • Compare my business success, relationships, and body to everyone and then end up feeling like shit because I never thought I measured up

  • Worry about everything. Was I doing enough? Too much? What did people think of me? The time I spent over-thinking and second-guessing business goals, relationships, food and exercise, etc. was like owning a second business

  • Put my health and sleep on the back burner. “I’ll workout when I have time and I can sleep when I’m dead”

  • Resent my life imbalance, busyness and lack of time even though it was me who wasn’t setting or honoring boundaries

  • Stress about outcomes because of my need to control my day and everything in it

  • Hide my “flaws” and shortcomings because that meant weakness and I never wanted to be perceived as weak or that I didn’t have it all together

  • Believe all the destructive and limiting thoughts that came into my head as facts which kept me stressed, anxious, stuck and unmotivated a lot of the time

If this is hitting a nerve, I bet you can appreciate this:

You’re the biggest asset to your business and when you’re not practicing the right tools it impacts everything — your profits, happiness, relationships, health and living full-on.


This course is a game changer for already successful hard-working entrepreneurs like you ready to take it to the next level.

This course changes how you think about your life, health and your business so you show up for all three with more ease, clarity and happiness for good

It’s part life/mindset coaching and part physical training with a lot of accountability, lasting life shifts, meaningful peer relationships and fun. Yeah, growth can be fun:) It’s everything I coach my 1:1 clients on only in a small dynamic group setting (which is ah-mazing btw).

A little about me

I started as a personal trainer in 2009, spent decades before that doing life all wrong (see above), and then transformed it all. The result? A powerful, real, and relatable style of coaching that has up-leveled thousands of lives, minds, and bodies throughout the years.


  • Amps up your passion and clarity for your business so you’re running it boldly and with more confidence and ease

  • Builds a trusting and kick-ass relationship with you from the inside out so that all of your other relationships (business and otherwise) are even better and happier

  • Teaches you how to prioritize and sustain your fitness and health the right way and for good without beating yourself up or ‘trying hard’ to sustain results

    Here’s eleven more ways your life will forever be up-leveled.

Hiring a coach feels super risky, I get it. It was really difficult for me to get to the point where I was ready to make the investment, but I’m so glad that I did. Not only am I a much happier and healthier person, but my business more than doubled during our short time together. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
— Josiah Goff, Founder of Inigo Digital

This course is for you if you

  • Read books, attend workshops, and listen to podcasts that give you great tools on running your business and life better yet you can’t seem to put these great tools into practice or you succeed for a while and then go back to your old patterns 

  • Are tired of trying hard, over-thinking, and stalling out and you’re ready to be held accountable to figure out how to take charge of your life, health and business once and for all

  • Want to be with a small group of other entrepreneur-minded people ready to OWN IT! too

  • Like the idea of a course that combines life/mindset coaching, physical fitness, and accountability specifically geared to entrepreneurs and the common obstacles you face

This is more than working out. This is life coaching. This is you becoming the version of yourself you thought impossible or too hard. 
I love this course so much. And the women I met doing it have become life long friends. You’re worth it.
— Melanie Silva, Vice President Smart Furniture

Here’s what you get during our eight weeks together

  • Two hours of group time per week; approximately 30 minutes spent working out and the remaining time spent discussing assignments

  • Weekly assignments that I hold you accountable to do outside of our time together which include physical fitness and an actionable specifically related to something you’re hung up on in your business or life

  • Weekly worksheets that help you uncover old patterns and stuck points, teach you to let ‘em go, and guide you how to replace them with new kick-ass patterns that work! Lots of accountability to do the work here too because it’s the old patterns that have messed with everything up until this point and they need to go!

  • A private non-judging Facebook group I monitor regularly that encourages further discussion, accountability, and support. It’s a place for you to be heard and to support others because we’re all owning it together!

  • One hour private coaching session specifically geared to your needs. This is an hour well spent and very targeted to you

  • Private email access to me for personal assignments and anything you don’t feel comfortable sharing with the group

    This course is only offered in person and is limited to seven people.

Here’s an overview of the weekly mindset/life coaching focus

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 
Your Mind, Inner Critic, and Un-Learning all the B.S.

Weeks 4 & 5
Learning the Powerful Game-Changers

Week 6 
Values - Time - Productivity

Week 7
Not Giving a Shit

Week 8
Bold Plan and Actionables

Want to learn more about what you’ll get into each week? Here’s more of the scoop.

I started seeking a coach when I realized that I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” mentally and physically. I knew I had greater potential, but I didn’t know exactly how to get “unstuck” and unleash it. 

The results that I have achieved by working with Kelly has more than exceeded my expectations! I absolutely love that our sessions together incorporate both personal training and life coaching. The experience has been truly transformational. 

Her life coaching taught me how to love myself, overcome obstacles, and mental blocks. My sessions with Kelly have elevated so many aspects of my life and overall happiness and it means the world to know that I have helped create such a positive and happy workplace for my team members. It wouldn’t have happened if I was still lacking in confidence and taking my inner critic’s words for the truth. 

I’m a much better leader because of our work together!
— Sarah Medley, General Manager at Studio 59 Aveda Salon & Spa

Common Questions

What’s the schedule and location?
Tentative start date is Tuesday, February 26th and we’ll meet every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm. End date is Tuesday, April 16th. 

However, since this is such a small group (7 max), I can be a bit flexible with the day of week and the time if the majority needs a different schedule. 

Location is downtown Chattanooga

What are the workouts? 
Circuits and intervals that incorporate cardio and full body exercises burn the most calories, keep it interesting, and do a great job for weight loss, toning, energy, and flexibility. That’s what I focus on :)

I already belong to a gym/have a routine
Great! You’ll still use it when we’re not together. If you’re stuck in a rut with your routine we might discuss ways you can mix it up or get a new goal to work towards. Or not. You know you the best ;)

I don’t belong to a gym
Great! The workout assignments are specifically designed so you don’t need special equipment or a lot of space. If you wanted to you could do the workouts naked in your living room ;) 

I’m not in great shape. Will I feel out of place or unable to do the workouts?
I only create safe, accepting, and non-judging environments (and after doing the assignments you won’t give a shit about feeling out of place, btw!!) I coach people with all fitness levels and always give options for every end of the spectrum. 

What if I’m nervous about signing up?
Then you’re normal :) Your Inner Critic/mind is always playing ‘stay safe’, ‘what if’ and ‘justification’ stories (which is what we get great at ignoring in this course.) 

Here’s what happens with everyone I’ve ever coached — you start the course with your Inner Critic yapping in your head and you end the course with a powerful command over her and it feels F’ing awesome! 

Do you offer a refund policy? 
No. This needs to be a good fit which is why we schedule a 20-30 minute call before you commit to anything. I am always up-front, no pressure, and am happy to answer any questions you have. I also encourage you to read my website, testimonials, talk with former clients — whatever you need — so you feel confident saying either HELL YES! or HELL NO!

What if I can’t make all of the sessions? Do I get a reduced rate?
No. Think of it like a college class — you pay the same no matter if you’re sick, hung over and need to sleep it off, or headed on spring break early. 

You will still receive all of the assignments, worksheets, and homework and be accountable to do them. You also have the private Facebook group that is helpful for clarity and discussion as well as email access to me. Relationships are built in this course so you’ll also have each other too.

I can’t do Tuesdays and/or I can’t do the 5:30-7:30pm time frame
Please reach out to me and let’s talk about what you can do. This is a small group and maybe everyone will have the same dilemma in which case we’ll figure out plan B or maybe this time around just isn’t good timing for you but if it seems like a good fit I could put you on the first-to-know list for next time.

What’s the time commitment?
— Our two hours together one night each week
Physical fitness on your own — I assign circuits/intervals that are challenging and effective yet only take between 20-35 minutes to complete. A lot depends on you, your needs, and what’s going on in your life. So, there’s not an exact answer here but I do strongly encourage you to commit to 2-3 days of fitness on your own time.
Worksheets and personal assignments/actionables — This is really up to you and how much you want to put into this course. I’d say one hour +.

I’m not an entrepreneur but this course sounds awesome. Could I still sign up?
Yes. If taking your life, health, and happiness to the next level gets you fired up you would absolutely fit in with this group. Your individual goals and actionables (which are always unique to each participant anyway) will just have a different focus.

What’s the investment? 
$995.00 which includes 16 in-person group hours, one hour of private coaching, worksheets, assignments, and actionables you’re accountable for outside of class, private Facebook group, and unlimited email access to me throughout. 

This is an excellent way to get in a lot of coaching for a fraction of what you’d invest with one-on-one coaching ($140 per hour) and the super great part of the small group? Expedited learning and growing because you’re all OWNING IT! together.

One payment up front or split it into two payments of $497.50

First, let’s schedule a 20-30 minute phone chat to make sure we’re a great fit and to answer any further questions you may have. This is an investment of your time and resources and it’s important you’re all in so you get the most out of our time together.

Schedule your no obligation chat here.

I started coaching with Kelly because I need a change and clarity. On paper everything looked amazing with my business and life but I wasn’t happy.

Learning how to say hell yes or hell no has been very impactful. It allows me to craft an existence and do work I want to do, with the type of clients I want to do it with.

I have a relaxed, but focused, approach now and see more clearly how to grow my design business without it being overwhelming, just more defined.

Kelly helped create little tweaks in how I see and approach things (clients, projects, life in general) and I consistently refer back to notes and conversations to keep the ball positively moving forward.
— Rob Praino, Owner Robin Praino Interiors

A big part of this course is helping you move out of old thinking habits that have stressed you out, stalled you out, and made it feel like you’re running your business and life with the brakes on.

She has a name: Inner Critic. She’s the one that, perhaps right this very second, is giving you twenty reasons why this isn’t the right time, this stuff won’t work for you, things aren’t that bad, you’re too new to business (too old, not in great enough shape, etc.) and ‘what-ifing’ you to death.

Life is so much damn happier, easier, and profitable without her/him. Click here to schedule a no-obligation chat to see the possibilities for yourself.

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