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Booty Camp


Get Your Booty in Shape! 

If you’re tired of your routine, being just another faceless member at the gym, or have fallen off the workout wagon this booty-shaping camp is for you! 

You get semi-personal training with up to six other women which means more...

  • Accountability to work your nutritional and workout plans outside of class
  • Real connections with like-minded women
  • Support via our Private Facebook group
  • Results!

Starts Tuesday, June 5th for six weeks
T & TH
6am-6:45am OR 8am-8:45am
North Chattanooga area
Includes two Saturday bonus sessions


Wanna get your booty in shape for good? 

I love working people out, it’s how I got my start years ago as a personal trainer. But that's only a fraction of the equation. You will never out-train a bad diet OR a critical mindset and that's where I really shine with clients. 

Are you your worst enemy? Do you beat yourself up for knowing what to do but then not always doing it? Do you set the bar too high and then stall out because it's difficult to stay on track? Ever get caught in the all or nothing loop? Are you always in control mode? 

I coach you past these types of mindset blocks because they're truly the pesky roots keeping you from living you happiest and healthiest life and from lasting success.

My clients see more transformation within 4-12 one-one-one sessions than they’ve seen in years or even decades. And they don’t just see one area of their life improve, they see big shifts in many areas — even the areas they thought could never change or be improved on (relationships, health, and careers to name a few.)

Sign up for Booty Camp and get discounted one-on-one coaching sessions.

Add on 4, 8, or 12 personal coaching sessions (we can evaluate what’s best for you) for $100 per session.

(For reference: One-on-one hour long sessions with me are $130. Booty Camp is $20 per class and the discounted per session one-on-one is $ you get 1:45 minutes of per-session coaching for $120. That’s a great value and limited to people signing up for Booty Camp.)



Payment: One payment or two. 3% fee for credit card or no fee for cash, check, or transfer

Workouts: Circuit based, varied, safe, and fun. Total body. 

Workout level: Not so much for beginners but you can certainly be rusty :) You are always encouraged to workout at your level... and I will always push you out of your comfort zone :)

Location: Either a park or my home studio near North Chattanooga. We’re outside when possible

I'm not local but I want your help. I do distance coaching and it's very effective. Email me. 

Another Question? Email me.

Later Event: January 3
It's a Brain Changer!