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Break Your New Year's Resolution For Lasting Success

Break your resolutions for success!

Here it is, straight-up:

The reason your weight loss resolution fails time after time is because you shouldn’t have made it to begin with. 

Resolutions feel hard, daunting, and ‘all or nothing’. Resolutions make you crazy. I know. This is how I used to do it:

December 31st
“Starting tomorrow I’m waking up every morning at 5am for an hour workout and packing hummus, carrots, and nuts for my lunch. Oh, and I am not drinking. At all. I will lose these ten pounds of cookies and wine so I can fit into my cute cut-offs this year damn-it!” 

January 3rd
Four snoozes later (it’s sooooo comfy and warm in my delux-o sheets!) not only do I miss my 5am workout but I stay in bed so long I barely have time to find matching heels before running out the door.

The day of course is filled with deadlines, no packed lunch, and no time to run to Whole Foods for something healthy. I find some stale raisin packs in my desk drawer (from last year’s resolution) and gulp em down. By the end of the day I’m starving and eat everything in sight.

And just like that I’m back in the cycle of beating myself up for not getting it perfect, comparing myself to all of the other women who seem to have it all figured out, and crying into my bag of Lays about my lack of willpower. 

Do you relate? Here’s what you need to know: 

It’s not you! It’s not your lack of willpower or some success gene everyone was born with except for you. Repeat: Not you!

It’s your wild child mind. And it’s sabotaging your weight loss, confidence, and joy.

We teach you:

  1. Why you’re stuck and frustrated. You learn about your Inner Critic, that loud mean girl sabotaging your weight loss and health goals, and the very common counterintuitive way we were taught to ‘succeed’. 
  2. How to get unstuck. We give you the right tools to implement and start practicing immediately that empower you to make easier and healthier choices for good. Expect to leave with a positive and lasting shift in how you move forward with your weight loss goals.

We promise to give you:

  • As much ‘ah-ha’ insight as you can handle
  • THE mind-shifting tools you were never taught in school which is too bad because they’re the ones that matter most
  • The step-by-step and simple process to start using immediately that replaces resolutions with lasting success
  • Practice! We have lots of exercises planned to reinforce learning
  • On-the-spot real and meaningful coaching
  • Dinner! Of course we’re feeding you — it’s dinner time!
  • A take-home assignment you’re accountable to complete
  • One week of unlimited online support that helps solidify what you learned
  • Lots of fun because we’re fun (and we bet you are too)
  • A loose format to encourage questions and discussions

Break Your Resolutions!
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Baylor School — Sterling Hall
171 Baylor School Road, Chattanooga 37405


Your co-awesome hosts

Hi! I’m Darlene 


I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2009 and I specialize in moving my clients' minds towards their goals quickly while having a ton of fun!


And I’m Kelly Summersett

I move clients past limited and critical mindset B.S. because it’s really the only thing keeping them from everything great!



Q: Is there a catch? Pills, supplements, something else I'll have to buy?
A: No to all. That’s the real beauty about what we teach. We get right to the root and bypass all the stuff you don’t need

Q: What’s for dinner?
A: We’re working on that but know there will be options for everyone

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Just yourself. We’ll take care of the rest 

Q: What questions do YOU have? 
A: We’re here to help answer them!! Click here to ask


$95 when you register by February 8th
(This is an introductory rate and a solid discount)

We’re limiting seating to 30 for the most interaction, and fun!

Your big bonus

What we teach not only makes your weight loss journey easier but it makes everything about your life easier. I get that may be hard to wrap your head around but it’s true and we can’t wait for you to see what we mean. 

Remember how I used to do weight loss all wrong? When I started practicing what I now teach I never struggled with it again and in fact I’ve had a healthy relationship with food,  exercise, and my cute cut-offs for nearly a decade now. If we have time during the workshop I’d love to tell you more about it.

You in? 

Simply enter your name and email below and it will take you direct to the payment page. 

I started seeking a coach when I realized that I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” mentally and physically. I knew I had greater potential, but I didn’t know exactly how to get “unstuck” and unleash it.

The results that I have achieved by working with Kelly has more than exceeded my expectations! I absolutely love that our sessions together incorporate both personal training and life coaching. The experience has been truly transformational.

I quickly lost unwanted weight and have started developing the dream body that I always wished I had.

Her life coaching taught me how to love myself, overcome obstacles, and mental blocks. My sessions with Kelly have elevated so many aspects of my life and overall happiness.

This has been the smartest investments that I have ever made for myself!
— Sarah Medley, Salon and Spa General Manager

Walking into Darlene’s office for the first time, I was highly skeptical. Having had many other therapeutic modalities in the past including EMDR, CBT & DBT, I didn’t hold much faith that this time things would be any different. I was suffering from night terrors and panic attacks in connection from things of my past. Normal day to day life had become quite overwhelming and unmanageable.

Having been told about Rapid Resolution therapy (RRT) through a friend who had previously seen Darlene and seeing the marked difference it had made in his life, I decided to give it a try...

My experience in RRT has changed my life! Not only was it the most noninvasive approach I’ve had to a highly sensitive issue, but Darlene does a phenomenal job at reading physiological responses and maintaining a calm, safe environment for true healing to take place.

Mixing stories and scenarios along with using grounding exercises, Darlene never runs out of ways to access the issue at hand while keeping you present and in the moment.

From my experiences in RRT, I am now able to look on the events of my past as just that; events. They no longer drive my life the way that they used to, freeing my mind for the things of this moment. I will forever be grateful for Darlene and Rapid Resolution therapy and the peace it has brought into my life when I never thought it would be possible.

Seating is limited to 30 and we’d be honored if you took one of them!

Scroll up to register or ask your questions here. 




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