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The Power of Happy | Session 9: Owning Your Voice

Join me Tuesday, September 26th from 8-9:30am for session nine of the Power of Happy series: Owning Your Voice!

How often do you avoid speaking up and using your voice at work or in your personal life? It’s common to think our voice doesn’t matter or that nothing will change so why bother. Plus, as a society, we have been conditioned to shy away from using our voice so we don’t come across as too bossy or a know-it-all. To make the situation even more complicated we tend to stay quiet for fear of hurting the other person, being judged, etc.

There is a much better way to approach difficult conversations instead of avoiding them or playing small and that’s what we’re getting to the bottom of for this month’s Power of Happy. 

Come learn why you’re stuck and what you have the power to do about it so that you show up with a confident voice that is full of purpose, clarity, and kindness.

Owning your voice is a happiness booster.

Each monthly session in the Power of Happy series is a blend of education and meaningful discussion (everyone’s favorite part), food, COFFEE, and wonderful ladies to network and bond with. 

You always leave with a small targeted actionable to practice that up-levels your life and happiness.

You don't have to attend the entire series, you can take part in whichever sessions you choose. You do not have to be a CWLI member to attend.

$10.00 for CWLI members

$12.00 for non-members

Registration is required


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