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The Power of Happy | Session 7: Put Your Thoughts to Bed for Better Sleep

Join me Tuesday, July 25th from 8-9:30am for session seven of the Power of Happy series: Put Your Thoughts to Bed for Better Sleep.

How are you sleeping? Not great if you’re like a lot of women. Do you lay awake thinking about everything on your to-do list? Stressed about something? Do you rehash previous discussions or ones you’ve been putting off having? Perhaps you don’t get enough sleep because you have so much to do.

Lack of quality sleep seriously messes with your productivity, health, and happiness and this session helps you get to the root of it.

Count on a lot of meaningful discussion, ‘ah-ha’ moments, self-discoveries, and powerful take-action tools that put you back in charge of your Z’s and your life.

Come with your questions and current obstacles and leave with confidence and an action plan. 

Each monthly session in the Power of Happy series is a blend of education and meaningful discussion (everyone’s favorite part), food, COFFEE, and wonderful ladies to network and bond with. 

You always leave with a small targeted actionable to practice that up-levels your life and happiness.

You don't have to attend the entire series, you can take part in whichever sessions you choose. You do not have to be a CWLI member to attend.

$10.00 for CWLI members
$12.00 for non-members

Registration is required