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The Power of Happy | Session 4: DOING GRATITUDE THE RIGHT WAY


Gratitude is super key to how abundant you feel and how happy you are. You’re probably already pretty good at being grateful for things that go right but what about the stuff that doesn’t? Are you grateful for that too? 

You need to be. 

During this session you will learn why it’s important to be thankful for everything especially your challenges, set-backs, and fails and how practicing this emotion during these times actually improves your happiness and your leadership effectiveness.

Each session is a blend of education and meaningful discussion, food, COFFEE, and wonderful ladies to network with. 

You always leave with a small targeted actionable to practice that up-levels your life and happiness. Accountability partners are encouraged. 

You don't have to attend the entire series, you can take part in whichever sessions you choose. You do not have to be a CWLI member to attend.