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Own It!

Own It!

You’re the biggest asset to your business and when you’re not operating optimally it impacts everything — your profits, happiness, relationships, health and living full-on!


This small group course changes how you think about your life, health and your business so you show up for all three with more ease, confidence, and passion (and yeah, you learn to lose the over-thinking, stressing out, stalling out, and all those other destructive thoughts holding you back.)

This course is unique. It’s part life/mindset coaching and part physical training with a lot of accountability, lasting life shifts, meaningful peer relationships and fun. Yeah, growth can be fun :) 

Kelly Summersett is a Life, Health and Happiness Coach who has been transforming individual’s lives, minds and bodies for years. She’s excited to offer this small group course specifically geared to small business owners because, as an entrepreneur herself, she knows all the struggles up close and personal (and what to do about them.)

The benefits of a small group? Not only is it cost effective, but the group environment lends itself to even quicker shifts because of the added support and accountability. Powerful and lasting connections is another powerful byproduct.

Please join Kelly for a 15 minute Q & A discussion on Friday, January 18th on the 6th Floor of the Edney at 12pm to learn more and see if this could be what you need in 2019 to OWN IT! 

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It's a Brain Changer!

Our podcast recipe:

We take all kinds of common and challenging topics
(comfort zones, fears, weight loss, judging, over-thinking, stress, money, and even sex)
and get real.

Each episode focuses on why we tend to do things the way we do (even when we ‘know better’), weaves in the brain science behind it all, and then leaves you with a new and more productive way to think and respond moving forward.

Expect great discussions mixed with fun and 'ah-ha's' because that’s the way we roll :)


Listen on your favorite podcast platform, link in with us on Facebook & Instagram, or get on our insider list so you’re first to know about events, challenges, and new offerings!

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to Aug 10

Amped-Up Summer! Courage Coaching for Your Teen

Teen Courage Coaching

Raising a teen isn't for the faint of heart. It's like being on a roller coaster that lasts for yeeeeaaars and you're always questioning if you're doing enough, if they're really 'fine' like they say, and if you're going to severely mess them up. 

Sometimes you need reinforcement.

I’m an experienced life coach, personal trainer, and fellow parent who knows how to connect with your teen to help them develop and practice success tools that move them away from common anxieties (fitting in, over-thinking, self-conscious behaviors, fears, etc) and into more confidence which leads to action-taking, goal achieving, and amped-up courage!

I incorporate personal training and life coaching for lasting physical and mindset shifts and I'd love to work with your teen this summer. 

Let's have a chat to see if we're a good fit. Here's how to schedule it (and your teen is welcome to join in)



Is it fun? 
Yes. That’s my middle name :) 

Does your program produce lasting positive shifts in attitude and mindset? 
Yes. I teach teens (and adults alike) how to move past stuck mindsets that have no business taking up time and energy and replace them with ones that create joy and life!

Is the personal training geared to my teen’s abilities and goals?
Yes. I create sport-specific programming or general wellness programming based on your teen’s needs. 

How many sessions is it?
The minimum is four (one hour each). We can determine what's best for your teen.

What’s the investment?
$590 for four sessions and $130 each additional. This includes our time together, assignments and accountability when we're not together, and unlimited texting/email access.

Where and how often do you meet?
Typically one time per week (sometimes bi-monthly) at my studio in North Chattanooga or an agreed upon location in North Chatt.

Do you have examples of your results?
Yes, here's three testimonials: 

“My thirteen year old daughter coached with Kelly over the summer to get better at volleyball so she would have confidence when she tried out for the team. She was always excited for her sessions because they were fun, encouraging, and built her skills and confidence. 

She made the practice team, not varsity like she wanted, and instead of getting mad or having a bad attitude about it she used the skills Kelly taught her and showed up to practice each day with her head up and ready to work hard. When a varsity player got injured the coach immediately chose my daughter to step into her position because he admired her attitude and work ethic. This made my daughter really proud.

Kelly is great at wrapping a whole lot of training and impactful learning into an hour. She relates to kids, is super enthusiastic and knows how to shift the minds of teens from anxious to awesome.” K. R. 

“My eighteen year old daughter was struggling with confidence, motivation, and direction and I thought of getting her therapy because I didn’t know what else to do and then I found Kelly. 

Kelly worked out with her and got her excited about running again. She gave her weekly running goals that got her energized and focused but more importantly she really listened to my daughter’s passions and was able to get her fired up to start taking actions to put them into place.

Next thing I know her room was clean, she had a brighter spirit, and clarity about what she wanted to do at college. Kelly is a great investment for your teen and I highly recommend her. " J.C.

“My twenty one year old son was flunking out of college and both he and I were tired of him back-tracking. He was stuck, full of anxiety, and didn’t know how to get out of the loop. 

He loved his sessions. You know how I know? He started motivating himself to go to class every day, got on the Dean’s List for the first time, and secured a fulfilling internship — all in one semester! 

Once he learned how to master school he started taking better care of his body by choosing way less fast food and working out.

I don’t know what Kelly did but I love it! Our relationship has improved immensely and I’m so happy to finally see him utilize all of his potential.” S. M.


Let's have a chat to see if we're a good fit. Here's how to schedule it (and your teen is welcome to join in)

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This unique course produces lasting changes in your body and mind by combining personal training and life coaching for 8 weeks of working out, unlearning your sabotaging behaviors, and practicing essential tools that up-level your whole life for good.

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The Power of Happy | Session 9: Owning Your Voice
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The Power of Happy | Session 9: Owning Your Voice

There is a much better way to approach difficult conversations instead of avoiding them or playing small and that’s what we’re getting to the bottom of for this month’s Power of Happy. 

Come learn why you’re stuck and what you have the power to do about it so that you show up with a confident voice that is full of purpose, clarity, and kindness.

Owning your voice is a happiness booster!


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