Case Study –– Weight loss turned into confidence and business transformation!

Where she started

This client didn’t like the way she looked and her biggest goals were to tone up, lose weight, and build endurance. She was also interested in a better work/life balance so she could travel more, develop meaningful relationships, and be her best self. 

Other things to note: She was great at beating herself up for all of her shortcomings, she was coming out of a relationship, and had limited beliefs about her ability to rise up and be heard in her family-owned business.

What we worked on

We started with her physical goals and made some adjustments to her food/beverages. We  talked a lot about her self-critical tendencies, what it all meant, and action steps to take. She took every assignment to heart and challenged herself to be all-in to learn and grow from them. Her efforts paid off in no time.

Her successes!

She finished working with me after five months because that’s all it took for her to transform and exceed all of her goals!

  • She lost the weight, toned up, and competed in her first endurance-style challenge race

  • She became a strong leader! She started speaking up with confidence, putting herself first, and delegating work tasks. This gave her a much better work/life balance and allowed her to do more traveling

  • She developed a healthy relationship with herself and that allowed her to let go of outdated limited beliefs about her abilities and how high she could go in her career

The best part? She was promoted to General Manager of the business and is taking it to a whole new level! She is paying forward what she has learned during her coaching journey by coaching her staff to rise up both personally and professionally and they are very grateful.

It means the world to know that I have helped create such a positive and happy workplace for my team members. It wouldn’t have happened if I was still lacking in confidence and taking my inner critic’s words for the truth. I’m a much better leader because of our work together!

She wrote that to me after receiving this anonymous note from one of her team members:

I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate what you are doing with the business. You have changed the momentum at work.

The fact that you feel so strongly about us wanting to be happy says a lot! You listen to our wants/needs and you’re willing to help us get to where we want to be.

I’ve always loved working here but now since you’ve changed the game I love coming to work even more.

Thank you for being supportive, wanting us to travel, spend time with our families and for making a positive atmosphere.
Kelly Summersett