case study –– stressed out woman couldn't lose weight

This delightful woman came to me because she wanted to lose weight and tone up and had not been successful on her own in years. She had been looking for work for over a year without success and she was in a stagnate relationship.

She was good at beating herself up and second guessing her abilities and she was stressed out. It was draining her time, energy and self-esteem and also encouraging her to cope in negative ways (food). 

We focused first on helping her take back her power over her life. She became aware of her stuck patterns and learned new tools that gave her courage and confidence to effectively speak up and use her voice to convey her needs. Practicing this on a regular basis opened up better communication with her partner and as a result, her health journey picked up steam. 

She started making herself a priority (for the first time ever) and committing time for regular workouts and to do things she wanted to do (she started filling herself back up!) This gave her the motivation to start making healthier food choices. 

She lost the weight, toned up and continued her wellness journey after our time together. More importantly, she learned how to up-level her relationship with herself which helped her strengthen the one with her partner and the best part? 

She found her dream job!

This client worked with me for three months.

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