Case Study––Successful executive didn't know what she was missing

This successful executive came to me because she was in a workout rut and needed accountability to get back on track. Looking at her you saw a beautiful woman who was full of confidence and had it all together. What we learned is that she had a mean alter-ego. Her Inner Critic was super loud and bitchy and was keeping her from genuine happiness and having peace and calm in her life. 

Her Inner Critic told her how ugly she was, how she didn’t measure up to others’ success, and how she had to try harder to achieve more. Her Inner Critic had her stressed out trying to be perfect, stay in control, and to make sure no one saw any flaws in her work or on her body. 

I said hell-to-the-no about that and we got to work! She was eager to learn about this critical voice, how it got triggered, and what she had the power to do about it. She started practicing the tools and well before our three months were over she had made enormous strides to kick her Inner Critic to the curb. 

She became more authentic with people she worked with and instead of that being negative and scary (what her Inner Critic would always hammer home) it was freeing, accepted, and welcomed. 

She learned how to relax more and go with the flow both at work and in her personal relationship and started daring to dream and take action steps toward a life that wasn’t so ‘corporate focused.’ One that incorporated ample flex time and fun so she could travel and spend more time growing her relationship (that’s what can happen when you let go of Inner Critic and what she tells you is ‘the only way’.)

Practicing life up-leveling tools moved her out of her workout rut because she learned how to stop beating herself up which freed up her energy and time to start having more fun living and doing. She learned how to make the game of life easier to win. 

And finally, for the first time, she was able to look into the mirror and love the reflection she saw.

She learned:

- How to be excellent instead of perfect and all of the health and happiness benefits that surround that shift 

- How to go with the flow and allow things to happen naturally

- How to stop identifying with stress and overwhelm and identify instead with trust and calm 

- The relief, happiness, and strength that comes from letting people in and being more vulnerable and transparent 

- To set work ‘independence’ goals and is now doing what she loves, has travel freedom and splits her time between the TN and CO mountains

This client spent three months with me.

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Kelly Summersett