When life used to run me (into the ground)

Crabby Kelly Summersett
Either you run your life or it runs you.

I remember reading this quote years ago and shaking my head ‘yep’ yet not having a clue what to do about it. I was secretly full of stress from trying to be the perfect wife, mom, and employee who could do it all (and for everyone) while staying fit, happy, in control, and independent from help.

Guess what happened? My life ran me over and left me bloodied and bruised.

I wish I would have known back then that I was making up my life story.

Yep. I literally made up the storyline that I had to be perfect, get it all done, and push myself to achieve more and more without taking time for fun or rest. 

What kind of bull shit way to live is that? And this exhausting life I made up for myself didn’t even have my back. It had no love or compassion for me. It didn’t give me high fives for the great job I was doing. It only told me to push harder, that I wasn’t doing enough for others, and how I needed to be further along. 

My life ran me over and it didn't care how much I accomplished or how much I sacrificed. It didn’t give one shit about me. 

This realization literally woke me the hell up and I decided from that point forward that I was going to start running my life without the stress, perfectionism, comparison, and people pleasing. 

I would create a new story that focused on happiness, healthy striving, speaking up for my needs, putting myself first, and going after the right goals and dreams that had heart for me (here's more of the story)

My life treating me like shit was the best thing that ever happened because it helped me see there was a much better life waiting!

When’s the last time you paused and pondered this quote? Who’s running your life?

It’s definitely not you if you: 

  • Feel like life is one big have-to
  • Measure yourself to an unrealistic or unsustainable standard
  • Beat yourself up for failing, not starting, or not getting it perfect
  • Put your needs and dreams at the bottom of the pile and everyone else’s first
  • Live life half awake and fearful of your bigger dream ‘what-ifs’ 

Do you think your life is going to have your back if you keep this up?  

You deserve to run your life for you and with gusto and don't let it tell you otherwise? OK!?

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